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Frequently Asked Questions

What does Tradeline Associates Inc. do?

We help business owners, like you, to strengthen their business credit by adding permanent business tradelines.

What is business credit?

Business tradelines establish permanent positive credit history to a business. Many companies rely on business credit to build the foundation of their business. Business tradelines provide the information banks use to determine weather or not to lend and how much.

What is the advantage of adding business tradelines?

Establishing positive business credit makes it much easier to get approval for a business loan, Business vehicle loans or even an equipment line of credit. In addition business tradelines can also help you get approved of larger amounts of funding.. Potential lenders always request business credit reports in the same way they request personal credit reports

How long do the tradelines stay on my business credit file?

These tradelines are permanent. The tradelines will report every month.

How much funding can I get by adding business tradelines?

We cannot predict how much funding your business will qualify for as there are many factors that contribute to the amount of funding your business will get. However, strong business credit history is an important factor.

What bureaus do the business tradelines report to?

These tradelines post to Experian, Equifax, Dun and Bradstreet, LexisNexis and the Small Business Financial Exchange

How long does it take for the business tradelines to post?

Business tradelines will post within 60-90 days

How much history do the business tradelines show?

The business tradelines repost 2 years of history or less if the company is less than 2 years old

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