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Our shelf companies, geared for filing in Kentucky and across states, aim for you, the new business owner, to be recognized as the original owner/operator. This distinction is unattainable with a Kentucky-born company due to stringent disclosure requirements.

The solution involves obtaining an out-of-state aged shelf company, void of owner disclosure in public records. By filing it into Kentucky and asserting yourself as the owner/operator, you are perceived as the inaugural owner.

Our strategic approach, filing shelf companies in states with no mandatory owner disclosure, facilitates a smooth transition when you acquire and register one in Kentucky.

What Are Your Benefits From This?

Being acknowledged as the inaugural owner by lenders stems from no prior ownership reports. Disclosures to the Kentucky Secretary of State and business licenses affirm you as the owner, establishing you as the original owner/operator. This simplicity is absent in a Kentucky-born company, necessitating owner updates and potentially resetting the company's age to zero.

Acquiring one of our aged shelf companies and filing it into Kentucky resolves this, enabling business credit building. We, as incorporators, exclusively offer companies we've filed.

Acquiring our clean-aged companies designates you as the original owner, fostering a seamless transition. This strategy ensures a clean record, enabling competitiveness in various business aspects.

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