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Our shelf companies, tailored for Iowa and all states, aim to establish you, the new business owner, as the first and original owner/operator. Achieving this distinction is challenging with an Iowa-born company due to stringent public disclosure requirements.

The solution lies in acquiring an out-of-state aged shelf company with undisclosed owners, filing it into Iowa, and asserting yourself as the owner/operator. By following this process, you become recognized as the inaugural owner on public records.

Our strategic approach involves filing shelf companies in select states where owner disclosure isn't mandated, ensuring a smooth transition when you acquire and register one in Iowa.

What Are Your Benefits From This?

Being perceived as the inaugural owner by lenders and others is simple because no previous ownership is reported. Disclosures to the Iowa Secretary of State and business licenses solidify you as the original owner/operator from the start. This simplicity is not mirrored in an Iowa-born company, where updating owners on record resets the company's respected age to zero.

The solution lies in acquiring our aged shelf companies, filed and maintained by us, and then filing them into Iowa for optimal business credit. Our goal is a seamless transfer, offering clean, unused companies free of back taxes, bad debt, or pending litigation, akin to an unused school blackboard.

You Don't Want A Company With Established Credit

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