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Our shelf companies, tailored for filing in Illinois and across the United States, aim to establish you as the inaugural owner/operator, an impossibility with an Illinois-born company due to strict public disclosure requirements. The remedy lies in acquiring an out-of-state aged shelf company without owner disclosure in public records.

By filing it in Illinois and asserting yourself as the owner/operator, you are perceived as the first and original owner—the initial disclosure on public records for that specific company. A select group of states allows this approach, and we strategically filed our shelf companies in these jurisdictions to maintain owner confidentiality. Acquire one of these companies and seamlessly file it in Illinois to attain this unique standing.

What Are Your Benefits From This?

Being recognized as the inaugural owner by lenders and others stems from the absence of prior reported ownership, with your declarations to the Illinois Secretary of State and business licenses reinforcing this status. Conversely, an Illinois-born company necessitates updating owners, potentially resetting its age to zero.

The solution lies in obtaining one of our aged shelf companies, free from previous disclosures, and filing it in Illinois for advantageous business credit building. As the incorporator, we exclusively offer companies we filed, ensuring that when you acquire our clean-aged companies, you genuinely become the first original owner/operator.

The goal is an unblemished public record, crucial for competing in sales, marketing, business credit, customer relations, and leasing commercial or industrial spaces.

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