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Our shelf companies are prepared for filing both nationally and in Delaware. Since Delaware companies are subject to strict public disclosure laws, we want you, as the new owner, to be seen as the original owner/operator.

Buying an out-of-state old shelf corporation that is free from owner disclosures to the public is the solution. Once you file it in Delaware and identify yourself as the owner/operator, you become the first owner and the first person to disclose an owner/operator on this particular company's public record.

This technique is legal in a limited number of places; we have filed in these states to protect owner anonymity. Get one and register it in Delaware to keep this special status.

What Are Your Benefits From This?

Lenders and other parties recognize you as the first owner because there is no record of prior ownership. Business licenses and disclosures to the Delaware Secretary of State attest to your ownership and establish you as the original operator/owner from the beginning.

In comparison, a business incorporated in Delaware would need to amend its ownership documents, which may result in the firm's age being reset to zero. Easing into business credit is as simple as acquiring one of our older shelf firms and registering it in Delaware. The only corporations we provide are those that we, the incorporators, have filed.

Purchasing our well-established businesses guarantees that you will be the genuine original proprietor or operator, providing a perfect public record for competitive advantage in a range of commercial domains.

You Don't Want A Company With Established Credit

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