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Our shelf companies are prepared for filing both nationally and in California. Our goal is for you, the new owner, to be seen as the original owner—something that is impossible with a California-based company because of strict disclosure laws.

Purchasing an out-of-state, old shelf corporation that does not require owner disclosures to the public is the answer. Once it's registered in California, identify yourself as the owner/operator to earn the distinction of being the first person to publicly recognize ownership of that particular business.

This method is legal in some locations, and to protect owner anonymity, we have registered our shelf firms there. Get yourself one and register it in California to keep this special status.

What Are Your Benefits From This?

Since no earlier ownership has been recorded, creditors and others recognise you as the initial owner. Business licences and declarations to the California Secretary of State prove that you are the original owner and establish your ownership right away.

In contrast, an Illinois-born company's ownership documents will eventually need to be updated, potentially resetting the company's age to zero. The answer is to purchase our old shelf firms, which we file on your behalf only, guaranteeing that you are the true original owner.

This guarantees a flawless, error-free public record. Having a firm free of debt and legal issues gives you an untarnished platform for competing in a variety of commercial domains.

You Don't Want A Company With Established Credit

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