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We are experts at creating shelf companies in Arkansas and a few other states so that you are seen as the original proprietor. Arkansas's disclosure regulations make this difficult, so our workaround is to purchase a discreetly owned out-of-state ageing shelf firm.

You obtain a special status by registering it in Arkansas and become the first owner to be officially acknowledged. In order to protect owner anonymity, our approach is only applicable in the states where we have established shelf businesses.

Acquire one of these companies, register it in Arkansas, and take pride in being identified as the original proprietor on official documents, attaining an unmatched degree of privacy in Arkansas's business environment.

What Are Your Benefits From This?

If you are the first owner of one of our off-the-shelf businesses in Arkansas, lenders will acknowledge you as the first owner on official documents. Our aged-shelf companies have a distinct edge over corporations based in Arkansas as they maintain their original age and credit history.

Acquiring one guarantees a smooth transfer and lets you establish company credit right away. Our immaculately kept companies offer you a fresh start because they have no transaction history or unresolved problems.

Purchasing an old shelf company from us gives you the competitive edge in a number of areas, such as customer service and commercial space acquisition, and provides a spotless starting point for your entrepreneurial endeavours.

You Don't Want A Company With Established Credit

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