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Our ready-made shelf corporations cater to Arizona and other states, positioning you as the original owner despite being new—a feat impossible with an Arizona-incorporated corporation due to disclosure laws. Acquiring an out-of-state shelf firm, undisclosed publicly, and registering it in Arizona establishes you as the first-ever owner on public record.

Limited to select states, our strategy ensures owner identities remain confidential. After purchase, register the business in Arizona, maintaining the illusion of original ownership. Our approach allows for discreet transitions in a handful of states, preserving owner anonymity throughout the process.

What Are Your Benefits From This?

By purchasing one of our older businesses and registering it in Arizona, you become the acknowledged original owner and gain access to benefits that are unavailable from a locally established business. Our strategy preserves the company's age, which is crucial for building credit, in contrast to an Arizona-based business that discloses owners.

We guarantee a smooth transition by providing glitch-free, clean-aged businesses exclusively filed by us. This awards you the valuable chance to contend in different regions, for example, client assistance, supporting, promoting, and renting space, utilizing the advantages of a laid out and regarded business personality.

We registered the business, kept it up to date, and put it up for sale to the first user. Our firms have no transaction history and are uncluttered and underutilised. Imagine a classroom blackboard that was never chalked. It is unworn and clean. You want a business that has no outstanding debt, bad debt, unresolved lawsuits, or other issues.

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